Monday, September 18, 2006

Julie's Bakeshop

Julie’s Bakeshop was established in January 6, 1981 as a mom-and-pop type of business by Rodrigo and Julia Gandionco, at Wireless, Mandaue City, just north of Cebu City.

Originally, the intention was for the bakeshop to augment the bread requirements of the family’s canteen business. However, in just six months, another branch was opened near Aznar Coliseum, at a suburb area of Cebu City.

Julie’s Bakeshop quickly established branches all over Cebu City and its neighboring towns. Customers for hot, oven-fresh bread grew with each successive bakeshop opened.

In 1982, the first branch outside Cebu was opened in Iloilo.With just a little over Php 10, 000 as initial capitalization, Julie’s Bakeshop expanded to become one of the Philippine’s largest bakery chains.

It now has over 300 branches and outlets nationwide, expanding its reach from as far north as Laoag City to Zamboanga City in the south.

To date, Rodrigo and Julia Gandionco, and their six children, share the management of these bakeries with over 91 franchisees.

In 1984, RJ Commodities was established as a central warehouse for Julie’s Bakeshop. It ensured a steady supply of quality ingredients and bakery supplies for the business.

The main hub of its operation was in the Visayas and Mindanao.With the increasing demand to service Metro Manila and Luzon Julie’s Bakeshop opened a warehouse in Mangahan, Pasig City in June 2001.

By mid-2002, another branch was established in Davao City to service the bakeries in the southern island of Mindanao.

On July 1, 2003, RJ Commodities was merged with Julie’s Franchise Corporation.

Today RJ Commodities is known as Supply and Logistics Division with a more developed and improved service system.

In 1999, Julie’s Franchise Corporation (JFC) was organized to provide full management support to the franchisees.

JFC is manned by professionals to provide support in marketing, operations, construction, accounting, franchise development, and human resource development. It has a fully operational laboratory, under a research and development department, to continuously improve on over 200 varieties of bread and other bakery products that respond to the need of the market.

Julie's Bakeshop started the concept of allowing the customers to see how the breads were being made by removing the wall that separates the display counter from the baking area.

It has grown rapidly since its establishment in 1981. With 223 branches nationwide, its flour consumption amounts to over 2,000 bags a day.

Presently, Jullie's is the country's biggest network of neighborhood bakery.

In 1999, it garnered the very first Success Story of the Year award given by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


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